Sunday, March 11

Too Much Sex Talk- Uncensored World Schooling

Discovery comes in all sorts of lovely shapes and sizes, don't it dear? Unplanned on our world curriculum has been marvelous lessons on, let's see...
-Alcoholism (Raging, cursing, perpetually drunk at hostel. 10 am whiskey shots, anyone?)
-Parenting (Flaming hot chili peppers in mouth of boy who cursed. They really got his attention.)
-Sexual Pleasure (See what the Moche People at Chan Chan, Peru have taught our kids!)

Well, the world doesn't censor what it will teach our children. And it is in losing control of that censorship, that we all have grown and discovered.

(I do wonder what June Cleaver would tell Beaver on this one....Looking back, we can think of all sorts of wise and wonderful things to say. At the time, we were blushing, and clueless. )

Like Chiron of Greek Mythology who taught the royal children life's most prudent lessons, the world is a Chiron. We believe she is the ideal classroom/teacher/mentor/eye-opener/equalizer and the finest we could ever give our children. She has taught us all lessons on poverty, equality, injustice, economics, geography, world cultures and humanity that we would have never learned living in our lovely bubble back home. Never.

Part of exploring the world and discovering ourselves is releasing control over what they see and what they don't.Censorship is much easier on tv channels and internet filters, but becomes infinitely messier in real life on the road. And do we really want to censor that anyhow? Though I admit it was beyond awkward to have my elementary-age children inquire about sexual positions and Kama Sutra techniques, it is part of life, right? And, even in me not knowing what to do/say/where to hide, comes amazing learning as well.

If we were to try and censor (in vain), what would I gain? Or more importantly, what is at stake, what would we lose?

What awesome, unplanned things have your children learned as you traveled down your path? How did you answer their questions when you were totally unprepared for the leaps in learning they did? What advantages has un-censorship brought your family?


Our boys are learning more about real life, and we are learning more about them. We are discovering new ways of parenting, and its all brought about because of our new way of living.
We are discovering that our boys are asking more questions about life in general and we are answering them :)

Hiya Gabi - I LOVED your video - so natural, and I could feel your confusion and embarassment at the question of the Moche artwork. It did make me smile widely!! :)
As we have stayed in the country for almost all of my children growing up - they used to ask why the cows were trying to give each other piggy-backs!! At a young age I just said it was fun - but as they got older a proper explanation was called for - and so it was made a bit easier as they had seen the act reasonably close up. Keep having fun and learning
Love Wendy xox

I've always been really lax about barn animals or all others mating. I was really cool with that. This, gulp! And they were sooo into it. Yes, we'll keep having fun and learning; or at least I can promise we'll keep learning. (The fun, as you know, sometimes eludes us, but that later makes for a great story!) Gabi

Thank you for putting it fluid way- that one leads to the other, back to this, which creates that. I agree. As they learn, we learn how to learn and interact with that learning, as it all moves us closer and into new ways of parenting/interacting/learning. Pretty unbelievable what happens when we make that huge shift to travel-based family, no?

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