You like what we're doing and say to yourself, "Self, they're so cool, I want to give them a hand". You pick any seven pictures you like, donate $35. We'll print and mail any of our photos to your home, with an hand-made original card from our kids.:-)

Win:win:win! You feel good; we feel good; our kids feel good! Your generous donation directly pays our food, lodging, volunteering, and transportation as we now enter the third continent of our voyage. For every seven pictures that you like, we recommend a donation starting at $35. Printing and international shipping are included in your $35 donation. Email us any pictures you like from here, the site, or our Facebook albums. (

Donations from companies or individuals of $100 or more will be listed on our up-coming sponsors page. (Do it! Do it! Go for it! Yes, you can! This will make you feel soooo cool! )

Thanks for the help! Solai, Orazi, Dahnya, Kobi and Gabi




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