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We write a lot about self-discovery on the road, world-schooling, and about amazing moments that reaffirm why nomadic family travel is unreal! We also write about 'how to' stuff to help those dreaming of the road, to know well... how to. This e-compass rose keeps growing and changing as we find (and write) more good content, so check back often to be most up-to-date.

And You Are...
More about our family. Hi and welcome to "The Nomadic Family". We're actually the Klaf Family but everyone else had such cool names, we wanted one too! 
Happy 37th Birthday Gabi 
About Us

Both Excited and Terrified At First
More about those first planning/freaking out/ and organizing steps on the way to nomadic family life. 
Tasting Fears and Doubts
Garage Sale Etiquette-
How to Travel Very Lightly- BootsNAll 
Travel with Kids 101-
Seven Things I Will Not Miss-
5 Essential and 5 Useless Items We Carry- LivingontheRoad

How To Finance World Travel 
The biggest obstacle we all face is money. These articles highlight some of the best financial guidelines and creative ideas we found.   
10 Nomadic Families, 7 Continents: How They Afford It  
If I Only Knew Then
How To Make Money As You Travel The World- Part 1 
Affording Long-Term Travel

    Why Hit the Road
    Inspiration from those who've been there. Why travel, what it does, what you gain as a person and as a family. 
    These Small Hours 
    Ugly Gifts Too  
    My Take On Long Term Travel-

    Travel Destinations and Travel "To Do"
    Just so you'll know more about the big bad world out there, some cool articles from world travelers about what to do when you 'get there'.   
    Top Ten Best Things To Do (Pretty Much)
    Swimming with Sea Lions-


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