Monday, March 5

We Could Have Found This Back Home

So, why, why do we need to be traveling the globe, if we can find this at home? What's the point of leaving everything you know to discover what was already there? Maybe we sometimes need that space, that distance away from all that safety to see things clearly? Maybe we sometimes need to be far, before we can see what is so close? And so, as I joyfully (and hurriedly) interview Chris from Chile; I discovered one of the most precious gifts of the road.(It's revealed at the very very end of this post...)

In this Wednesday Wanderers, we proudly interview our Chilian friend Chris, who has just begun his world travels.

Does he have a plan? No. Is he crazy? Maybe. Is he rich? Absolutely not! Is he a nice guy? Totally. Chris landed from his home, smack dab into our arms at Nomade Backpckers Hostel in Miraflores, Lima, Peru; and seamlessly became a part of our family of the Klafs, and Juan, Kate, Diego and Rodrigo. We were just a gang, and like a gang, we hung out, laughed, and talked. We were (let's see) 5 Israelis, one American, three Chilian, and (our beloved Juan) one Argentinian. Too much fun. We all just conglomerated together, and then separated to go to the market, help the Klaf kids with their homework, or go make lunch. It was our first time to hang out so in a hostel and create that 'family' so quickly, so casually... so cool.

I digress. So, Chris just started his travels and has this great attitude of open-minded/open-heartedness. As much as I would love to talk about him and his great attitude (which you can see in the movie, anyway); I need to go buy my kids bread. They are making eggs and want toast, which is pretty challenging without pan integral (whole wheat bread). I'm off..... Chao!

But watching this video, I realize a few things:

 1- I miss Chris. He's a sweetheart! And the intensity of the relationships you make on the road is hard to describe. On the road, a day is a week; a week with someone is a month; and a month or more, is an absolute lifetime. It is. Because the road leaves you naked of all that other stuff, when you are with people, you are, fully open, senses wide open, heart open, and intensity open.

2- I didn't even listen to his last two answers. (How rude!) But, why? This is off camera so you couldn't see. But the gang was standing in the kitchen doorway with their backpacks on and ready to walk out the door. They didn't want to miss the first buses (cuz they had a plan to save money) and the pressure was on for Chris to stop his damn interview and walk out the front door. So, my high energy and impatience to actually listen is cuz I'm soooo under stress here!

3- It's all all all about the people. For me, it is no longer about which waterfall, plaza, or volcano I'll see. Of course, I love them all, but I don't care anymore. It's about who I meet, if I make friends, if we laugh or cry from the heart; what I experience, who I am at that point in time. The rest, is just great photographs. And so, I take this lesson, that we can all take to our hearts.  

No matter where I am around the globe; no matter where you are, in the your local town, with the local grocer by your side. Can you bond and share a moment with him, with your neighbor, with that mom you never said hi too? Can you stop 'doing' so much and just sit down and look into the eyes of the person beside you? And if you can, you've traveled the world friends...

For an entire Universe lies inside the heart and soul of that person. An entire book can be written from their personal history, their fears, their funny mishaps, their dreams. So, do you have to scale the globe to realize the utter preciousness of mankind? Do you have to leave all that you know to discover how fascinating the guy in front of you is?

No. It helps. But it's not necessary.

And, just for the hysterically fun bonus. I've recently fallen in love with this young lady, her energy, and this song. And I believe it also expresses (in the wildest way) how it's all about the people. Notice how much fun they are having and why? Cuz they are under that bridge or in the coffee shop? No. Nothing special going on over there. Cuz they are together, enjoying each other, having a grand ole time just being with each other. That's what I've learned here, on the road of slow family travel....

Signing off from the Nomade Backpackers Hostel in Lima, Peru,



What a lovely guy - with a fresh and simple attitude to life. I am sure he will have a great journey, both physically and mentally!! You have a wonderful capacity for making people feel welcome, and at home!! I think that is why folk really give to you in interviews, because you give yourself so openly!!
Happy travelling xox

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