Monday, February 27

The Mundane/Amazing- Hamburgers for Your Belated Birthday

"I am so happy, I cannot be contained in the world;
But like a spirit, I am hidden from the eyes of the world.
If the foot of the trees were not tied to earth, they would be pursuing me;
For I have blossomed so much, I am the envy of the gardens."

-Rumi (it's always time for Rumi....)

Going through the hundreds of video files in which we recorded our everyday mundane/amazing. And it was, and so it is back home, in your home, too, I bet. Those little things like celebrating someone's birthday by making a festive meal... Those little moments when you danced, or someone hugged you, or that song on the radio brought you back to just that one magical mundane moment, just then.

It's so romantic for me as I look back. I see us all humming along in the kitchen, our hub, where we spent so much of that time, cutting salads/ making food. It was our therapy. And those tables, we'd spend hours sitting there during the day doing school work, learning to make crafts and laughing with our village family members, had family meetings there- all of us. And into the wee hours of the night, Kobi and Adir and I had deep talks that challenged our personalities and drew out the most painful character traits we thought we could enhance in each other, and hours of laughter, and more hours of listening to and analyzing the words to songs. Hours and hours.

And I see the faces of village children. Wausa, Marcia, Sisa; and Amaron and Nichas (just a few of the thirteen there) and I remember them bustling around the tables, drooling over our feasts (which we'd often sneak them bites of). And I remember dancing with them, and doing Chi Kong with them, them holding my kids' hands as they joined in the Quichway school, laughing with them, swimming with them in that river, our river.

And so, here is snapshot. Nothing fancy, nothing so memorable to the naked eye, but so deep. Celebrating our adopted family member Adir's birthday. A couple of weeks late (because of Kobi's hospitalization and sickness) but, as promised, home-made Kobi-made hamburgers made to order, and full of love.

And so, here too we're celebrating. It's (again) just a snapshot of life off the river, a glimpse into travel inspiration. Uneventful, and void of volume; void of productivity. And we filled that void with celebrating, celebrating the mundane and making it magical.

This video is the first one I'm sharing from our private album of really 'just ours' stuff, for I feel it's sweet enough to do so (and noone is naked). And, this is the first one I'm sharing in Hebrew. It's ours, not prepared for anyone but ourselves, thus in Hebrew, the mother-tongue of just six Israelis clinging onto each other in the middle of an Ecuadorian Jungle. Yet again, there is a sweetness in loving Adir, and celebrating his mundane/amazing birthday, as we would for any of the five (then, six) of us. He's family. Our hearts have grown wider through him.

Join us for other mundane/amazing moments as we travel the world. And how. looking back, we understand just how precious they were, as are the moments we're creating ever-now, and now, and now.

What mundane/magical do you have in your soul? What snapshot of nothing/ everything to you hold in your heart, and sigh when you relive? Are you able to love that seemingly dull/unreal that was and still, stay ever-present? 

Teach me, o' wise ones... As sometimes, I get lost there....

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Much love and light to you,
Still ever-finding my way,

Gabi and the Klafs


Hiya Gabi, and the Klafs, and Adir - Thanks for sharing your videos. It was really funny - showing the birthday table your bairns are the ones who stayed off camera!! The other children are laughing for the camera - and look so content and full of life :-D Adir looked very happy at your celebrations, and it was a lovely glimpse into your fascinating life. Thank you!!
Love Wendy xox

Wendy my love. I do hope Adir reads your comment, and when he does, he can feel that unconditional love that you have for the Klafs, including him... What a blessing to share in these things with you. So much life Wendy... I'm so grateful that recorded also the seemingly boring/nothing stuff. They are the most precious now.

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