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I am so glad that power outtages, and life, conspired to take the internet out of your life for a while. Your blogs and videos were great - but stealing life from under your nose. I think this time you have had away from the internet has given you so much MORE to write about - and it can wait until you get back to mainstream living. You will be able to write a book!!! :-D
I have no comparison except being at a Mika gig!! I filmed a lot of the gig, and found I missed on the actual excitement going on right in front of me - I had it on film, but it was not the same. Next gig I watched the show - and it was amazing - I "lived" it!!! Enjoy the rest of your unique experience - and I wish better health for Kobi - and continued health and joy for you Gabi, and your lovely children
Love Wendy xox


I would actually say that you have been extremely productive!

I totally get where you're coming from and so does anyone else who calls themselves a blogger. I don't want to be a blogger. Blogging is the most demanding thing in the world! It never stops!

Be a writer. Write something you think is great and then share it on your blog. If it's really good, people will find it without all the other facebook, triberr nonsense.

To be honest, most blogs produce junk cause they rush everything out to get TRAFFIC! I am certainly guilty of this, But times will change on that front.

I figure if I am more interested in pedaling uninformed, poorly written articles, then I am in spending time with my family and kids, then I am really doing something wrong.

Do what you do cause you love it - forget the rest!

And I'm totally jealous of you all camping on that beach!

Dearest Wendy, How I have missed you and your love (even though you never fail to show it online in your comments and love). Thank you so much. Life without internet (water, and electricity) has been a wonderful virtual slap in the face for me. I do live here now. I remember you telling me about that and I experienced that also with Mika. I was so busy filming it all, I missed it. I love you. Our health (and yours) this year will only bring us much blessings. Can wait to share with you more of our lives together. So much love and respect,


Ah. The calm, wise voice of understanding, reason, and love all wrapped up in one. You have witnessed first-hand the rise and fall and rise and fall of my internet love affair. How passionate and all-consuming it has been. Thank you for saying exactly what it is I most cherish to hear- Do what I love, forget the rest, write what I'm passionate about..... Put it on your bucketlist when you hit the road dear Justin: Haunchaco, Peru- camp on the beach! It was beyond priceless (and free!)

Wow, such a powerful video Gabi! I am so glad you got 'consciously disconnected' (although by accident :). Live your life, enjoy your travels and every minute of it. Observe how your family enjoys this time and don’t worry. We, your friends, will be waiting for your story. Great stories have survived for ages, yours will be just as great after your return.
Thanks and wow!

I am so touched by your words. I'm all choked up (and I'm not even pregnant!). Friends do wait, friends do care that you do what is best for your soul, and good stories have survived the ages. Thank you dearest Emiel. A virtual hug at our virtual campfire (with Clark too!) :-) Gabi

קודם כל, אני שמחה שהכל בסדר. שנית, את לא צריכה להתנצל בכלל. כל פעם שנזכרתי שמזמן לא שמעתי ממכם, תארתי לעצמי שאתם בטח באמצע טיול בשום מקום ונמצאים בדיוק היכן שאתם רוצים! (וחוץ מזה, אני סומכת עליך, אז אם את לא מראה סימן חיים זה בגלל סיבה מצויינת.) ושלישית, עוד מעט זה כבר שנה שאתם לא פה, באמת אני מתגעגעת. מתה לדבר אעתך פנים אל מול פנים. תמשיכו להנות וללמוד. אוהבת

hey yael my love. we have missed you too. thank you for granting me the guilt-free permission to be a free-flying bird, to soar and dip and learn as i explore the great skies above. i don't know when we will see each other face to face. we're looking into going to korea for a year to teach english... the idea of coming 'home' causes me unrest. i feel i have so much more to discover and explore within myself, and i want to do that still, without a name or a face, on the road. it feels right for me. i love you. kiss the girls and ami, and give adina and helen my love.gabi

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