Friday, February 24

Reading Aloud the Real Stuff- The Gammage Cup

This was a very, very special entry for me, something deep and personally significant from my youth has come full circle. As I read to my children, The Gammage Cup, a book that meant so much to me in my youth; I witnessed my soul growing deeper. How blessed, how unearthily lucky am I to have had this amazing time to veg and be and grow with my family?

And to be honest, though I adore my family to pieces, and though I would gladly overturn the world to do good to my children; this family world travel thing has done good to what I believe in the most important person of all: me. Now, here me out. I'm not (just) egotistical here, I'm serious.

I believe whole-heartedly that if I am a bitter, dissatisfied, unappreciated, neglected, angry woman (for example), I will be a bitter, dissatisfied, unappreciative, neglectful, angry mother and wife, and every other role in my life.

Union Venecia- First time I had a bookshelf in almost a year. Meant the world to my soul.
But, if I am an actualized, balanced, overjoyed, and loved (by others, but especially by myself) woman; then, lo and behold, I will be an actualized, balanced, overjoyed and loving mother and wife.... And so, I fully believe and teach (when I'm actually working in a life that seems so far and detached from me now) that to be the best parent, spouse, employee, sister, child.... in the world, you must focus on yourself, first and foremost, and make yourself as happy as you possibly can.

(Getting off energetic soapbox in three, two, one)... 

And so, I am, here again, tasting something that brings my heart the greatest joy. I no longer read to my kids child-trash literature that bores me to death and has no content. If I don't like it, I don't read it. I'm not passionate about it, and I don't want to waste what could be amazing learning and growing and entertaining time being bored to death with plot-less, integrity-depleted garbage. So, Gammage Cup has meant the world, the world, the world to me; as have the other pieces I mention in this piece, has helped my soul grow deeper.

And to this, I deeply bow.

What books meant the world to you as a child? What was the first chapter book you read by yourself? (Mine was a book about a kid going out for the baseball team) What literary magic would you love to share with your kids, or have you?

Join me in sharing the deepest, smallest, and sometimes significant moments that life are made of. We happen to be globetrodding around this lovely planet. You may be at home; one day we will be too.


Another personal, and fascinting, glimpse into your mind :-) I wish I could remember what books spoke to me as a child - I had many ways of escaping, but as with a lot of the trauma, the actual stories have hidden themselves. I wrote poetry - so used that as an escape, but the Famous Five adventures are the only slight memory I have, but no idea what they were about.
Keep smiling :-D
Wendy xox

I always loved The Secret Garden, and really any book about finding a secret world. I guess I always wanted to escape to somewhere else! My kids never shared my love for that book, and they tend to love books about child heroes... maybe they will grow up to save the world!

Paige, I also loooved The Secret Garden, and who hasn't wanted to 'escape to somewhere else'. I love this discussion about all that magic we want to give our kids through literature, and what sticks and what doesn't. You're kids (and I've read enough to know) are amazing, and are saving the world in their own little ways! Much love to you Paige.

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